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Discover The 8 Eminent Cults And Secret Societies In Africa

Africa has a long history of sects and secret societies that have played a role in the continent’s economy, politics and culture. The Internet has enlightened many secret societies, making them less secretive.

Here is a list of some of Africa’s most important cults of all time:

Ekpe company

Ekpe is a secret society that lives mainly in Nigeria, and its members are usually law enforcement and politicians. They are highly respected agents in the distribution of wealth in the community. It is an exclusively male society, and members are bound by secrecy.
The society is a bit like a group of Freemasons and is doing unofficial law enforcement. The inhabitants of the villages of Ekpe often visit the group to help them obtain justice when they have been wronged.


Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

Ogboni is an indigenous brotherhood in Nigeria, Benin and Togo. To be a member, you must be part of the Yoruba nobility. It is said that the brotherhood of Ogboni has a strong affiliation to royalty, the gerontological system of government and the application of the law of the community.
The internal details on the membership and fraternity applications of this old group are supposed to be a secret known only to members.


Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

Osirica is a black Egyptian Masonic order that existed in ancient Egypt. The fraternity of Osirica is the root of all Masonic societies, dating back to around 2300 BC.
Many believe that the village of this group today in Deir el-Medina was the original place where Freemasonry began. This village was originally called Ta Set Ma’at. Archaeological evidence discovered that the group was extremely advanced in education during its time, and led the construction of the Valley of Kings.


Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

A fraternal society that was born in Western culture between the 7th and the 16th century. The Freemasons were originally an ancient Egyptian fraternity of builders, with Imhotep as their founder and chief sculptor.
Imhotep was a revered personality with great powers of healing and influence over the people and affairs of the community.
The affiliation of Freemasonry to Imhotep is clearly evident and that is probably why they are accused of several theories of conspiracy, since their goal is directed towards the restructuring and control of global affairs.

Leopard society

Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

Leopard society would have been a cannibal society in the early twentieth century in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast.
The members of the group disguised themselves as leopards, wearing leopard skins, with claw-like weapons and attacking their prey. They believed that feasting on a human strengthened their bonds.

The company Neegee

Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

The Neegee or Crocodile Society is considered bad by the Poro and Sande groups.
The Neegee is a cannibal group that feeds on human flesh to satisfy its God, and to obtain the power of this God. The group believes that when they eat human flesh, they develop the ability to turn into a crocodile.

Doomsday worship

Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

Apocalyptic worship is a sinister transnational cult that has opened the way of the Western and Asian world to some African countries, including Uganda and South Africa. The group is gaining ground because it seems to constantly predict the total destruction of the planet Earth.
The members of the sect are generally violent and self-destructive to the point of committing suicide.


Discover 8 eminent cults and secret societies in Africa

Abakua is an Afro-Cuban secret society of men linked to the Ekpe. The group is a mutual aid company known for elaborate street dances and very high expectations of members to prioritize the group over their own families. The group managed to stay mostly hidden for more than 100 years.


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