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Discover In Photos; 10 Footballers With The Most Tattoos!! Kevin-Prince Boateng, the only African!!


It’s almost become a tradition, when you see big football stars or local players getting several tattoos on the body. They choose to tattoo for various reasons.

For some, they do it to immortalise a magical moment in their lives. For others, however, tattoos help to shape their identity.

So, who are the footballers with the most tattoos on the body? … Discover the 10 kings below …

1- David Beckham


We certainly remember the great achievements on the field of the former captain of the England team. As a brand ambassador and model, Beckham poses for many commercials with his enviable tattoos. He has 40 tattoos. According to him, each has a meaning. In 2015, he explained that all his tattoos represent “the important people of my life”.

2- Kevin-Prince Boateng


The Ghanaian international simply likes tattoos. Kevin-Prince Boateng began to tattoo his body at a very young age. At the age of 17, Kevin already had his first tattoo.
He has covered his arms, his biceps and his back with various drawings. On his right arm he has a tattoo that he calls the “two jokers”. He also explains that he has “the name of my wife and my hometown, Berlin” , also tattooed on his body.

3 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic


The Swede has a lot of tattoos on his body, and once he confessed in his autobiography that the inking techniques on his body “became like a drug for me .

The attacker has 14 tattoos on his arm, with many others on his back and stomach.

4- Memphis Depay


Known for his dribbling and skills, the Dutch international also has a preference for tattoos. He has a variety of arts on his body – especially his chest where he has the words “Dream Chaser” inscribed in large print.

5- Arturo Vidal



The Bayern Munich midfielder has the name of his daughter tattooed on his arm. His tattoos that cover his stomach and all his back have all sense, according to him. The Chilean has a horse and a tattooed jockey on the right side of his belly because he loves horses.

6- Jerome Boateng

The footballer has interesting tattoos all over his body. With her arms, her thighs, her biceps, her belly.
As a family man, Boateng sees the need to have his children’s names on his body. His two daughters, Soley and Lamia, have their names inscribed on his body. He also has the words “trust”, “belief” and “faith” on other parts of his body.

7- Sergio Ramos


The talented Spanish is a footballer who really enjoys tattoos. This might sound strange, but the Real Madrid defender actually has tattoos even on his fingers.

He loves both tattoos as he inscribed another on his body when Real Madrid won his 11th Cup Champions League.

8- Marcos Rojo


Marcos Rojo, is also a big fan of tattoos. He goes so far as to put the words “pride” and “glory” on his left and right knees. He also has tattoos on his chest dedicated to his family and his former club Estudiantes de la Plata, with which he won the Copa Libertadores.

9- Raul Meirelas

The Portuguese international is as controversial on the ground as his tattoos. Having been described as “bad boy” by several close friends, the tattoos of the midfielder are largely responsible. Raul actually has all his right leg covered with tattoos, with a photo of a girl. The former Liverpool midfielder and Chelsea also has different tattoos on the back and forearms.

10- Djibril Cisse


The body of the 35-year-old French international, Djibril Cisse, is inundated with tattoos: over 40 works of art adorn his skin with floral motifs, Chinese symbols and a web of spiders with a pair of wings And the names of his children.


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