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Discover Aliko Dangote’s Luxurious 17 Billion FCFA Home!!

For Aliko Dangote, wealth is combined with a spending madness to turn the eye. The richest man in Africa offered himself a house of 26 million euros in the Nigerian capital Abuja. After having lived there for 12 years, the house seems to be no longer to his liking. He put it up for sale. The billionaire is now thinking of settling in the country of Queen Elizabeth II. It is on the banks of the Thames that Aliko Dangote now wants to wake up every morning in another luxurious house that he will soon buy.

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This exotic stay could bring him closer to another of his dreams: the purchase of the English football club Arsenal. He thinks of settling in his new residence in London after finding a purchase agreement with the leaders of the Gunners.

Below, pictures of his majestic home:


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