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Discover 5 Football Stars Who Have Been Accused Of Murder.

During their career some footballers in office and others already retired had to face justice on charges of murder. We offer some of these footballers.

1. Marcus Alonso

The Chelsea star was arrested in 2011 for his involvement in a car accident in the Spanish capital, Madrid. Alonso was driving at a speed of 122.8kmh in wet conditions when he hit a wall, killing one of the passengers, a 20-year-old woman. Investigations revealed that at the time of the accident, Alonso had a blood alcohol level higher than the rate authorized by Spanish law. He had been sentenced to 4 years’ imprisonment but served 21 months after paying the sum of 500,000 euros as damage to the victim’s family.

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2. Patrick Kluivert

At the age of 19, the former striker of Ajax, Milan and Barcelona had crushed his friend’s BMW M3 against the car of Dutch director Martin Putnam, resulting in his death. Following this incident, the star said: “One minute I was the idol of the public, the hero of Dutch football. And the next minute they kill me because of what I did. Unable to handle such pressure, he left Ajax where he was playing for Milan.

3. Bruno Fernandes de Souza


In 2010, the former goalkeeper of Flamengo, (a Brazilian club in Rio de Janeiro) was accused of assaulting, torturing and murdering his ex-mistress and mother of his youngest child. He had been convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison but Souza did not serve one-third of his sentence. He was released in February 2017.

4. Diego Buonanotte

In December 2009, when the Argentinian footballer was returning from an exit with his father’s Peugeot 307, he had an accident that had killed three of his companions. After his recovery, Judge Carlos Colimedaglia had ordered his arrest for manslaughter but the accusations were never brought against him. However, he was called a “murderer” by several people.

5. Alexandre Villaplane

The French born in Algeria, who was the captain of the blues during the World Cup 1930, was also a Nazi collaborator; he had committed heinous war crimes and killed more than 50 people in his lifetime. He is remembered for his cruelty and brutality in ordering the execution of 53 people in Mussidan. He was sentenced to death on 1 December 1944 and killed by a firing squad on 26 December of the same year at the Fort de Montrouge.



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