Director Makes History, Releases UK’s First Romance Comedy Film With Two Black Lead Actors



Loves Spell released in the UK under She’s the One is the latest film by British award-winning writer and director Fredi Nwaka that is predicted to be a hit for 2021. The movie is led by stand-up comedian/actor Kane Brown and actor Cindy Humphrey.



Treyvon (Kane Brown) is a bachelor with everything. One day, as a teenager, while discussing plans for the future with his best friend he is confronted by a girl who would like to go out on a date with him. He refuses and embarrasses her. From then on he has nothing but bad luck. He seeks help from a relationship therapist and things begin to look up when he eventually meets the girl of his dreams, Shenisha (Cindy Humphrey). But things take a turn and start to go drastically wrong. What follows is a comedic journey as he tries to make this relationship last.


The film’s soundtrack boasts music from award-winning R&B legend Donell Jones and Ruff Endz. It also stars Britain’s much-loved Black comedian, Judi Love, who makes her debut in the movie.


This movie is a romantic comedy that puts a current spin on the traditional ‘Ugly Duckling’ story and captures the essence of Movie mogul Tyler Perry and his ability to tell stories of color in a fun, quirky, and entertaining way.


Loves Spell is available now on most digital platforms and is distributed by Gravitas Venture. (Known as She’s the One in the UK and is distributed by High Fliers)


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