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Diplomacy: Zambian Ambassador to Washington Expelled by the United States?

Lazarous Kapambwe, the ambassador of Zambia to the United States was reportedly expelled by the American authorities.

Harry Kalaba, leader of the Zambian Democratic Party, said that Mr. Kapambwe who was to present his credentials to President Donald Trump on February 7, 2020, would not have been allowed to do so.


Still according to opposition leader Harry Kalaba, the American ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foot, was treated unfairly by the government for simply expressing his opinion on the imprisonment of homosexuals. He added that Zambia would have to bear the consequences of poor management of its diplomatic relations with the United States.

“The DPs believe that the Zambian government has been excessive in the way it has dealt with the issue of Ambassador Daniel L. Foote and has clearly demonstrated its total ignorance and its inability to learn and understand diplomacy,” said the party spokesperson Judith Kabemba.

And opposition Democratic Party spokeswoman Judith Kabemba said the party had learned with concern of the expulsion of Ambassador Kapambwe from Washington DC by the United States government, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity that governs international diplomacy .


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