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Diego Maradona Wants To Be Vice-President Of Argentina In Next Year’s Election

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has spoken of his interest in entering the world of politics in his home country, even offering to be the vice-presidential candidate to former leader Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Maradona, speaking to Clarin, criticised the current Argentine government led Mauricio Macri and revealed that deceased Cuban leader Fidel Castro urged him to enter the world of politics.

He said: “I would go on the ticket with her. Fidel [Castro] told me that I had to dedicate myself to politics. And I would go with her, with Cristina.


“I see people suffer, I see people who can not make ends meet. How much more will they [the current government] steal? They are chasing us, Macri put all his friends in power. They will not get the money in the drawer.

“It’s something that fills me with grief. My sisters can not make ends meet. But they fight it, they work. And well, it gives me a lot of anger. Seeing a country that was stable and suddenly collapsed everything like someone pulling down a snowman.”

Despite his offer, a ticket of Kirchner-Maradona in 2019 seems incredibly unlikely. While Kirchner has been tipped to run again, she is also facing corruption charges in Argentina, while Maradona is currently the manager of Dorados de Sinaloa in Mexico’s second tier


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