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Didier Drogba And Emmanuel Macron Reunite At The AU-EU Summit In Abidjan

These are very warm reunions that were observed at the 5th AU Summit held from 29 to 30 November in Abidjan. Among the meetings at the top is Didier Drogba and French President Emmanuel Macron. Given the importance of the problems facing the African continent, including terrorism, slavery of migrants in Libya, forced marriage for young girls, it was essential for Emmanuel Macron to take part.


It was therefore an opportunity for the French president and the Ivorian star Didier Drogba to immortalize their presence at this important summit through some clichés. It is important to say that the rapprochement between Drogba and Macron is justified by the fact that the French president is a fervent supporter of Olympique Marseille, a club in which Didier Drogba has evolved. Both men have a particular esteem for this French club. Moreover the Ivorian did not hide his joy to take a selfie with Emmanuel Macron.

Didier Drogba was the main attraction of the gala evening that took place after the work that took place in the middle of the day. Several local media did not fail to point out that the presence of the Ivorian footballer at the AU summit was a very good initiative, especially since he supported the African youth, mainly migrants who are ready to do anything to join Europe, some of which are auctioned in Libya as slaves.


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