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Didier Awadi: “I Would Have Made a Coup d’état If I Were a Soldier”

The famous Senegalese rapper Didier Awadi,  the pioneer of the rap movement in Senegal apart from music, aspired to be Prytanée militaire, steward or journalist.


Only fate decided otherwise: “I tried to be a steward for Air Afrique. And I had even done the competition. But my dream did not come true because I did not have the “long arm” for that. Those who are lucky have been able to pass. Because first you have to do the swimming contest before writing. I wanted to be a journalist too. Before all that, I wanted to do the military Prytanée of Saint-Louis, but I took too late for the contest. Maybe, too, I could have been a soldier. But that would not have been a good choice because I would have made a coup, “Didier Awadi told Le Témoin newspaper in an interview.

Coup in which country? On this aspect, the artist from several origins (born in Senegal, from a father from Benin and from a mother from Cape Verde), did not underline where he would have made the coup d’etat. State.


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