Diddy and Swizz Beatz Support Kanye West, Vow To Boycott Adidas


Diddy and Swizz Beatz have thrown in their support for Kanye West’s public feud with Adidas and Gap two companies he had previously signed agreements with to carry his Yeezy brand — accusing them of leaving him out of meetings regarding his products and stealing his designs.


Diddy, 52, and rapper/music producer Swizz Beatz, 43, took to their social media platforms to show their support of West after he publicly shamed the brands.

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In a text message screenshot posted separately on both Diddy and West’s Instagram accounts, Diddy told the “Gold Digger” artist, “please can send me something I could post in support of you! I never wear Adidas again for the rest of my life if they don’t make you right!!!!”




Kanye replied by writing “Praise God Love you.” Another slide on the post revealed a product shot of the Yeezy-like shoes released by Adidas with a red “x” over the photo.


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Music producer and rapper Swizz Beatz also shared his support of West, posting the ex’d out shoes with a caption reading, “I usually mind my business but this is DEAD WRONG! If we let them do this to @kanyewest it will happen to us also!”


“This man created this groundbreaking innovation and it should be respected as a creative ! YE is only asking for his work to be respected and not stolen that’s not crazy to me !!” he continued.



The “Money In The Bank” rapper finished by saying, “We not buying these !!!!!!!!!!!! @adidas you’re supposed to be original do the correct thing please !!!”


West’s Instagram has served as a digital warzone on the companies, with the rapper-turned-fashion designer posting headshots of board members and CEOs of Adidas.


He continued posting about Adidas into the day Tuesday, sharing an image of the clothing brand’s chief creative director Alasdhair Willis, who is married to the daughter of Beatles musician Paul McCartney.


“To the creative director of adidas Alasdhair Willis I’ve done songs with your father in law [sic] How can you watch adidas do what they’ve done to a fellow creative and not say anything and never even meet with me or call me? Why did I have to do this in public?” West wrote.


Seven hours later, the rapper took to Instagram again, this time addressing his fans.


“Please take down any meme of Alasdhair [Willis]. I believe this is a good guy and he will actually call me and actually help.”


The rapper made a remark about the Adidas brand’s CCO’s marital connection in the caption as well.


“Let’s see if we can speak to him first. Me and Paul McCartney have made a lot of great music I’m cool with the family :).”



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