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Did You Know That Lupita Nyongo and Ex-President Obama are from the Same Ethnic Group & Tribe?

Both are from Luo, a nilotic/Nilo-saharan tribe that has it’s origin in western Ethiopia (Gambela ) and Eastern Sudan. they are also found in other countries like Tanzania and Kenya.

The Nilotic meaning people from the Nile Valley. Nilo Saharans are however found all over Eastern Region, from Eritrea (Kunama people), Upper nile (Nubia people) & Eastern parts of Libya. Nilotic is an umbrella for a language group of people whose origin stem from Nile-valley.

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While Nubia, Kunama, Luo, Kanuri, anuak, fur, ngambay among others are tribes with distinct cultures and languages within that group. While the ancient egyptians & kush kingdom refered to the God of the niles (god of floods on the nile) as HAPI, most nilotic/nilo-saharans till this date refer to water as Api/pii/hapii depending on what region you live in.


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