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Did You Know That Gambian Dictator, Jammeh is Far Richer Than His Country?

Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest countries, which was ruled with an iron fist by Jammeh since 1994. Jammeh seized power in a bloodless coup, and still desires strongly to rule more, but this time failed as President-elect Adama Barrow won during a recent shock election.

Jammeh’s 22 years iron fist rule got the public wondering about how much his net worth is, only to find out he is richer than the entire country. Now, the question is: why is Yahya Jammeh so rich and how did he acquire his wealth?

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This is so deceitful, how can a president be richer than a whole nation.
According to a report, Jammeh is the richest man in the Gambia and virtually all businesses are owned by him.


Yahya Jammeh’s net worth is estimated at $1.8 billion dollars. He owns $10m-dollar mansions (each) in five eastern European countries and two western Europe countries, as well as $30m mansion in Morocco.

The Gambian President has reportedly invested heavily in Dubai and other Middle Eastern Countries.

According to Gambia’s Freedom Newspaper, Jammeh was so self-assured about his wealth, that over national radio and television he said: “even in next world, generations of his family will stay rich”.

The wealth came from Allah’s World Bank, in his own words and evidently, involving slain Libyan leader Qaddafi as one of the chief cashiers at Jammeh’s “World Bank”, as well as the Taiwanese and other sources.

What are your thoughts about President Yahya Jammeh net worth?


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  1. I have no doubt that Jammeh has robbed Gambia dry, but if you provided reliable outside links with verifiable facts, we might be able to form an opinion, but you don’t, so what is there to say?
    The only thing to say is that your post is at best your own opinion, and not to be trusted until you provide facts. Thanks.

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