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Did Emmanuel Macron And Taubira Have A Hidden Child? Wikileaks Allegedly Unveils Birth Certificate And Photo..

The case begins on May 7 when Wikilieaks unveils the birth certificate of the hidden girl Emmanuel Macron would have had with Christiane Taubira 20 years ago. The new president and former minister would have had an affair 20 years ago, when young Macron was only 19 years old.

A child would be born of this union. After denying the facts, Macron recognizes the child, a little girl named Marine, explaining that the girl died shortly after her birth, and that her relationship with Taubira did not go any further.


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Indeed Emmanuel Macron was already in a relationship with Brigitte Macron at the time, and this adulterous relationship was “a mistake of youth” according to him.
This scandal falls rather badly for the president.

Emmanuel Macron, the youngest president of France, a true symbol of European neo-liberalism, Had already enjoyed a moderate popularity since his election.
It would seem that the new president of the republic confirms a strong taste for older women.


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