Diana Taurasi’s Inappropriate Joke on Lebron James to Honour Kobe Bryant Elicits Reactions

During a moving evening of homage to Kobe Bryant accompanied by several testimonies, a short sentence dropped by Diana Taurasi continues to cause controversy on social networks.

During his tribute to Gigi Bryant, WNBA legend Diana Taurasi made an inappropriate joke about LeBron James. It obviously did not please everyone.

During its very moving monologue, the 2009 MVP made a little joke about LeBron James when talking about Gigi’s talent. But unlike Michael Jordan who was unanimous with a perfectly felt humor, Diana Taurasi divided.

Gigi inherited the passion that could be observed in Kobe. His talent was undeniable despite his young age. Seriously, who has a fade-away jumper at 11 years old ?! LeBron barely masters it today.

Diana Taurasi's inappropriate joke on Lebron James to honor Kobe Bryant elicits reactions

A joke that was not to the taste of all those who took part in the evening of tribute to Kobe Bryan and his daughter. Even on social networks, Internet users reacted. For die-hard King fans, these words are blatant disrespect in such a context.

They immediately took care to show everyone that LeBron knew how to get in a fade-away, which he again proved very recently against Boston.

And the reactions that followed were quite virulent against Diana Taurasi:





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