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Determined Female Marathon Runner Rolls Across Finish Line After Collapsing During Marathon. [Photos]

A hilarious and inspiring footage shows the moment a determined marathon runner rolls her way past the finish line after collapsing just 12 yards away.  The female runner, Devon Bieling rolled through the finish line with a huge smile on her face.

The young woman from Atlanta was competing in the Tunnel Vision Marathon in Washington state on August 20.


As she rolls through the very last part of the course people can be heard cheering her on in the background.

Once she finished, she lifted herself up onto her elbows and the medical staff on site rushed over to give her water and help her get up.
The original video was shared by Philip King, who hailed Bieling as an inspiration.

He said he’d watched her collapse just yards from the finish line but still not give up.

‘After not being able to stand, she begin to crawl,’ King wrote online.  ‘After crawling three or four feet, the sharp gravel rocks cut her knees until the pain wouldn’t allow her to crawl.  ‘So after falling out flat again she begin to roll. She finished the whole 26.2 unassisted, even though she had to roll across the finish line.’


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