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“Destabilization of Africa”: At Least 1,800 NGOs Will File A Complaint Against Sarkozy!!

It is an initiative that will certainly make some noise in the African public until we know what judicial action will be given to it. The Coalition for the defense of Africa, a group that claims to collect 1,873 NGOs on the continent, is considering filing a complaint against several French personalities and powerful international NGOs. The announcement was made at the end of the meeting of the executive bureau of the coalition, which met last weekend in Dakar. In the viewfinder of the collective that also intends to defend African leaders, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, lawyers William Bourdon and Robert Bourgi and the Sherpa and Transparency International NGO.According to the secretary general of the coalition, Boubacar Gueye, cited by the NGO Peace and Stability based in the UK, the complaint will be filed for reasons of “destabilization of Libya, looting, destabilization of complicity, attempt to destabilize Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.”

“Africa will be changed, Africa will no longer be dictated by the laws of the West, we will put an end to the plundering of our continent by Westerners and we will put an end to the looting of irresponsible African leaders. To want to plunder their country will be driven out by the people and brought before the justice of their country. France and its puppets that are Sherpa and Transparency found a new method to plunder the countries whose heads of state refuse to lower the panties “ Boubacar Gueye, secretary-general of the coalition of NGOs for the defense of Africa.

Attempts to destabilize

In a press briefing which he animated and whose remarks were reported by the same source, Boubacar Gueye, has documented several cases concerning certain African countries and where the alleged by the coalition are cited. In Libya, for example, he defended the thesis of the involvement of France and “the complicity of his puppets” in the death of Gaddafi. “In Gabon, Ali Bongo said no to France, not to old practices fire Oumar Bongo who favored the looting of France and today it is in the viewfinder of France “accused the activist of the civil society who also made the case” attempts at destabilization of Equatorial Guinea. “Braiding the passage of laurels to President Obiang Nguema Téodore, “a president who loves his people (…) and who refused to bow down against France,” Boubacar Gueye has cracked a veritable diatribe against the France and its methods to “manipulate the African people for their support and understanding of the African people that our leaders are the basis of our misfortunes, as it is they who blackmail our leaders.” the Secretary General coalition of African NGOs went so far announced the filing of their organization, “a complaint against the United Nations for having approved the destabilization of Libya, defiant to this day, thousands of dead.”

Whistleblowing Campaign

The coalition did not elaborate on the procedure it will follow to register its will to appeal to international jurisdictions, only announcing that it is envisaged, at present, to file a complaint in an African country but also In the Hague where the International Court of Justice is sitting. But for now, the collective NGO plans to launch a real denunciation campaign to “end the interference of France in the management of our states.”

Noise, therefore, waiting to know the continuation of the case because many initiatives of the kind have been announced many times in the past and from other actors but they do not succeed. However, relying on a media campaign, a coalition of NGOs for the defense of Africa is certain to refresh the debate and amplify ambient controversy over the continent on these issues which regularly invite to the front of the African and sometimes international news.

Source: The Tribune

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