Despite Leaked N’ude Photos, Rwandese Presidential Candidate Diane Shima Rwigara Isn’t Backing Out

When 35-year-old Rwandese businesswoman Diane Shima Rwigara declared her interest to run for the nation’s highest office, it came as a shock to many people.

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She is running against the current President, Paul Kagame who’s been in power for 17 years; Frank Habineza of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, the only registered opposition party to Kagame’s government; and Phillipe Mpayimana, a former journalist and author.

She is also the first female independent presidential candidate since she declared her interest t0 run.

Just a few days after her announcement, n’ude photos of the presidential candidate surfaced on the internet.

This was visibly a move to humiliate and intimidate the 35-year old woman who has consistently boldly spoken up against the nation’s bad governance.

It’s sad to see that these are the tactics being employed to discourage her from running for president. In 2017 these things shouldn’t be happening as there should be room for a free and fair election.

But in all of this, the fact that Diane hasn’t let these photos break her spirit, and is forging ahead and most especially hasn’t dropped out of the race is very encouraging.

Well, one thing is evident through Diane’s actions, and that is, she is a fighter, and for this reason, deserves to have a free and fair election.

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