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Desmond Mabuza; the First Black in South Africa to Own and Successfully Operate a Gourmet Catering Business

In South Africa, Desmond Mabuza is a reference, a source of inspiration for the young generation who hopes to climb the ladder. He is the first black in South Africa to own and successfully operate a gourmet catering business that serves the rich and famous people of his country.

Desmond’s childhood was not at all rosy. Born and raised in a poor district of Soweto he managed to excel despite the difficulties to reach higher education. He is trained as a civil engineer in the United States. While his entourage predicted a long and beautiful career in the country of Uncle Sam, he decided against all odds to return to his country.

It is therefore back in his country that the young student will embark on entrepreneurship. He creates a small civil engineering company. A society he will close a few years later to realize his greatest dream, cooking.

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He invests his savings in setting up his project. A project that takes shape with its very first restaurant in 2001. A 28 year old had just entered the gastronomic restaurant sector. At present he owns two great restaurants in the city of Johannesburg. Initiatives that he manages with seriousness and determination. A management method that allows him to have excellent income.

He also opened in 2014 a restaurant (Signature) in Abuja that creates enthusiasm. Successful initiatives that push the 45-year-old to consider moving to other countries on the continent.

In his country he has marked the spirits by the example he gives. He is the first black South African to embark on the field. In view of his success, no doubt he has inspired others who follow his steps and he does not hesitate to encourage.

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