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Depigmentation in Africa: Expert Reveals the Body Care to Adopt for Natural Skin

The radiance of the skin is something that matters to you a lot. That’s why you never miss going from product to product just to maintain it. Others cons engage in depigmentation in order to beautify their complexion. And despite the negative consequences that result, the phenomenon continues to grow. This is because people do not know how to maintain their original skin to make it more beautiful. But, the question that should be asked is whether beauty products alone are enough to make your skin beautiful. If not, what to do?

Find in this article all the necessary elements to give your skin a beauty without equal.

  • Practice a good skin care
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In the irresistible quest for the well-being and beauty of your skin, you sometimes practice certain things on the advice of a particular person. Attention, if you have this habit; and stop! You and your counselor do not necessarily have the same skin. You need products that are adapted to your skin because white skin, for example, does not need the same care as black skin.

  • The daily bath

Have a habit of washing at least twice a day (morning and evening) to clean the skin and give it the hydration it needs. Especially if you had to do enough activities in the day or enough ballads, know that your skin has collected enough dust that must be removed immediately as soon as you return.

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  • The choice of makeup

Makeup is one of the products that help make our skin look beautiful. But be careful, you must be rigorous in the choice of your makeup because the skin has risky and fragile areas. It can happen that the choice of a makeup, if attention is not made, gives you allergies. To avoid such risks, opt for hypoallergic make-up designed to meet all the requirements of the skin. This includes sensitive areas such as the eyes.

  • Avoid external aggression

You often do not pay enough attention but there are external elements that are harmful to the skin. Avoid smoking, avoid stress, dirt and pollution to keep your skin in good condition.

  • Watch out for the harmful effect of the sun

You may find it hard to believe, but the sun can have very bad effects on the skin. So you need protection against the sun by practicing daily care incorporating solar filtration. Opt for clothes that protect your skin against the sun, for sunglasses and avoid the midday sun.

  • Heal the cleansing of your skin

Go ahead with great attention and vigilance especially for sensitive areas of the skin (such as the eye area). Apply physiological makeup removers for skin cleansing and scrubbing once or twice a week.

  • Lip care

As much as you feel the need, apply restorative creams on the lips!


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