Denver Becomes First City in America to Allow Marijuana Use in Bars and Restaurants

Marijuana loving residents in Denver have officially voted for a ‘first in the history of the United States’ law that allows residents to smoke weed in bars and restaurants but they must first of all get the approval of neighbors.

According to a report by NBC News, the law takes effect immediately but businesses like bar spots and restaurants would have to show they have neighborhood approval before they can get weed license.

Read the NBC News report below


Denver voters have approved a first-in-the-nation law allowing willing bars and restaurants to give patrons the option to use marijuana alongside a cocktail or meal. The catch: Smoking pot won’t be allowed inside, and the locations would have to first get the approval of neighbors.

Denver voters approved Proposition 300 on the same day that the nation’s largest state of California and two others legalized pot for all adults and five more states approved pot for sick people — signs of society’s increasing tolerance for the drug.


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