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Dennis Rodman Worried: The Basketball Legend Finally Breaks His Silence on the Illness of His Friend Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman is worried about Kim Jong-Un’s health. The former basketball player hopes that the life of the North Korean leader is not in danger as announced by the Western media in this case CNN.

Dennis Rodman worried: he breaks the silence on the illness of his friend Kim Jong-Un

Rumors have been announcing for a few days that Kim Jong-Un is in bad shape. The North Korean president is said to be in critical condition after a cardiovascular surgery.


But in these difficult times, the chief of Pyongyang can count on the prayers and the wishes of recovery from his friend Dennis Rodman. The former basketball player was indeed worried about his state of health, wishing that it was a simple rumor.

” I hope this is just a rumor that Marshal Kim Jong-Un is sick. I hope to know more soon, “said the five-time NBA winner to TMZ.


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