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Dennis Rodman Talks About His Friendship With Kim Jong-un: “We Laugh, We Make Karaoke” 

The former US basketball star expressed his friendship with the North Korean leader.

Dennis Rodman, who has been strongly criticized after visiting North Korea several times in recent years, has today confided in what appears to be a true friendship he shares with Kim Jong-Un. In an interview with Piers Morgan for “Good Morning Britain,” the NBA star made a sympathetic portrait of the leader of North Korea.


“Every time we see each other, he is always calm and smiling, especially when he is surrounded by his family,” he explained, adding that they “train all the time together”. “We laugh, we make karaoke, we do lots of great stuff together. We ride horses, we go out, we go skiing, we almost never talk about politics, and so much the better. ”

Dennis Rodman also defended himself from “protecting” North Korea. “I always said I did not speak politics, not at all. I go there only for the sport. I went six or seven times. ”

But the sportsman has still some advice to give to Donald Trump in order to calm the crisis between the United States and North Korea. According to him, it would only be enough for the two heads of state to see each other and discuss calmly so that everything returns to order. “I just want to try to smooth things out so that everyone can hear each other,” he said. The former US basketball star expressed his friendship with the North Korean leader.


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