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Death of Dj Arafat: This “Die-hard-fan” Reveals Why He Will Not Leave the Scene of the Tragedy

Houon Ange Didier, aka Arafat Dj, died on Monday, August 12, 2019 following a motorcycle accident in Abidjan. His death surprised many, especially his music lovers nicknamed the Chinese. Several African and Ivorian artists and personalities paid tribute to her through statutes and videos published on social networks.

A few hours after his death, the artists working in the Coupé Décalé organized tribute parties at the Angré stadium in the town of Cocody. In addition, several of them went to lay wreaths of flowers at the site of the accident which turned into a pilgrimage site.

A young Ivorian, part of his admirers, he decided to sleep on this place to take care of bouquets of flowers that surround the site. He explained himself in a video posted on Facebook.

“It really hurt to know that the Daishi is really dead. I did not want to believe but by dint of seeing the videos on the net (…) I decided to go myself to the scene to see with my own eyes, “said the young man stating that he had not come to stay on the spot, “but I know it’s the love I wear for him. Because I was really a fan of Arafat.

“Her mom came to put flower pots in my presence and that’s when I started placing bricks to protect the flowers (…) All I can do for him is to do what I am doing right now. And I’m proud to do it because it relieves me of knowing that I’m doing something for the Daishi. Like that from his grave, he will know that the little one who traded with him, was a real Chinese, “he concluded.

The organizing committee for the funeral of the artist is already in place. Arafat Dj has marked more than a generation through his different concepts.

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