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Death of Bishop Bala: Cameroonian Authorities Speak Of Death By “Drowning” And Not Murder!

According to a Cameroonian citizen who asked for anonymity, “we are still far from knowing the truth about the real causes of the death of Monsignor Benoit Bala”. While the Bishops’ Conference of Cameroon had made a media outing during which it had advanced the thesis of assassination, here the results of the autopsy presented by the Cameroonian authorities evoke rather a “death by drowning” of the deceased Bishop of Bafia.

From then on, the assassination thesis defended by the bishops was beaten in a spade. Those who had alleged that Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala had been murdered and that the Cameroonian authorities had to take all their responsibilities to carry out the investigations in order to find the culprits and that these were identified.

It was the Attorney-General at the Yaounde Court of Appeal who delivered the results of the autopsy of Bishop Jean-Marie Benoît Bala, found dead in the Sanaga River on 2 June.


In a statement, he says drowning is the most likely cause of death. Jean Fils Ntamack assured that “autopsies were carried out on the body of the Bishop of Bafia” by two foreign forensic doctors who arrived in Cameroon on June 29, 2017, they found no trace of “violence on the Body of the deceased “and concluded” that drowning was the most probable cause of the death of the bishop “.

It should be remembered that on June 2, the body of Bishop Jean-Marie Benoît Bala, 58, had been recovered from a Malian fisherman in the waters of the Sanaga River. The testimonies reveal that the bishop had left his diocese in his vehicle three days earlier, the vehicle had been discovered at the bridge of the Sanaga River. A message supposedly written by the bishop was found on the vehicle seat with his ID and a bunch of keys. On the piece of paper, it was simply written: “I am in the water. ”



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