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Death Of A Black Man In Police Custody Sparks Outrage In France

A young black man died in police custody on Wednesday, July 19 in the town of Beaumont-Sur-Oise.

24-year-old Adama Traoré was celebrating his birthday on the day he was arrested and died in the hands of French police. According to the AFP news agency, he was taken into custody after interfering in the arrest of his brother in a case of extortion. The news story caught the media’s attention only after young people, who were close to Traoré, expressed their outrage in the streets, leading to violent exchanges with the police.

The police claims that Traoré died of a heart attack, while his family claims he did not have any heart problems.

His brother, who witnessed his arrest, claims he saw his brother being chased and hit by the police.

‘I saw the officer with blood on his T-shirt but no injuries. He had my brother’s blood on his T-shirt.’

A press conference by the police commissioner (meant to take place following the death of Traoré) was cancelled. Friends and family of Adama took the opportunity to go to the press themselves and called out the police for trying to lie about the events and requested to see Traoré’s body. They also claimed that the media were siding with the police and only took interest in the story because of the riots.

Following up to the press conference, a peaceful sit-in took place outside of the police station where Traoré is said to have died. The protesters were met with tear gas as is shown in this video on Twitter :


After being denied access to Traoré’s body for over 24 hours, his family was finally granted permission to see him. They have called on a lawyer’s service and have declared their willingness to get a counter-report on the police’s original autopsy. They also questioned the coroner’s report which ruled that Traoré suffered from a serious infection.

Marine Le Pen’s party, the National Front, expressed their support to the police forces on Twitter. Other political parties and figures in France have yet to comment on the story.

Follow the story through #JusticePourAdama and #BLMFrance.


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  1. People of France you have my condolences as we here in the states know exactly how this feels. We’ve lost many, so many in fact that our numbers here in the states are virtually extinct. We know how it feels people of color in France to look around and see yourself outnumbered having to turn to the same ethnicities that were present at the death of a fellow human being of color and simply hope that they will be compassionate enough to allow justice to be conducted in fairness & undiluted with only the truth prevailing and that they will feel that black lives are jut as important in perserving as any other life and that they would uphold that the person is truly innocent until proven guilty refusing to sentance them to death with no trial…but sad to say people of France often times this is what it has to come to a huge shameful and embarresing public display that will usully be broadcasted worldwide such as the case here and now and then to go on to be made to feel that we wanted this type of humiliation that will only work to further smear an already damaged reputation that we have been working hand and hand worldwide to improve and now here we are again. Well Traore may be gone but his memory will live on with us and with the Almighty as we believe that to the creator of all mankind “Black Lives Really Do Matter” the hell with everybody else that continues to want to remain clueless to our pain like Stevie said we must now say “That We Don’t Give a Fuck” we have a right to feel something and it hurts may the fathers compassion be upon you as you seek the truth as to what really happened and that it would cease in continuing to happen as nothin more than apologies increase here it’s becoming hard to keep track as everytime we turn around they’ve had another incident and once again were right back in mourning still asking when will this stop with the family left in tears never to see their loved one again until hpoefully the hereafter we will continue to cry out to the father and hopefully he i hearing us and picking up the scent of their blood as his nostrils are amazing and because we know that the father knows and believes us in that this isn’t just another episode of us putting on a show featuring our peoples blood and starring their dead bodies be strong people of France we are with you !

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