Dear Women, Here’s Why You Need To Stop Driving With High Heels

Putting on heels while driving is a common tendency among the ladies. Not known to most of them, heels hinder proper driving and can be fatal especially when they meddle with braking. Here are three reasons why heels should not be worn when driving:

1. Missing pedal and/or stepping on the wrong one. The right shoes for driving are flat with a thin sole. When you wear heels with a platform, there is space between the bottom of your foot and the pedal. The space might make you hit the brake and miss or unintentionally hit the gas pedal – that can be catastrophic when driving!

2. Lack of adequate force on the pedals. Other than missing the pedal and stepping on the wrong one, those who put on heels while driving have a tendency of only using the tip of their toes to press the pedals. This might not provide adequate force particularly when braking in an emergency situation. A flat shoe will allow you to fully step on the pedal and exact enough pressure when and as required.


3. Hindered foot movement when using pedal. There is no exclusion when it comes to putting on heels when driving. The thin heels also pose the risk of the heel getting caught in the floor mat. This hampers movement when using the pedals making it difficult to efficiently control the vehicle.

It is also prudent to note that when driving, the pedal needs to get feedback from the shoe and feet. As a driver, you need to feel how the braking and accelerating systems are operating. Anything that comes in between the use of the pedals can be a problem as it will hinder you from having the required connection with the systems. Always make sure that the shoes you wear don’t interfere with the pedals.

If it’s a must for you to wear the high heels, carry some flat thin soled shoes in the car. Drive in the flats and once you arrive at the destination, strut in those high heels. Individuals that feel can drive when barefoot, it’s allowed but your feet may be too gentle to hit the brake hard when necessary.


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