“Dear Muslims Tear Your Quran It is A Tool For Destruction” Says Nigerian Controversial Media Personalty Kemi Olunloyo

The Nigerian Popular US trained journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has called for Muslims to tear and burn their Qurans as according to her, it is a tool of destruction.

She made this known after saying the Bible was fake, hence, she does not read it.

On her Facebook page, Madame KOO, as she is fondly called, said pages on the Quran need to be recycled clearly.


“Just like the bible, the Koran is a tool of destruction. No reasonable Muslim should ever touch it.

“Because of the Koran, Yahya Jammeh of #Gambia who always holds one visibly everywhere he goes and islamized his country has refused to step down.

“Because of the Koran #ISIS is cutting prisoner’s heads off like slaughtered goats.

“Jihad all over the world, because of the Koran, Muslim men are marrying up to 4 women and we have 94,000 pregnant women …WITH HIV in #Zamfara state #Nigeria with polygamous homes spreading the disease.

“Why is there pedophilia in the Koran? Pedophilia is highly unacceptable. Fucking kids is insanity, something many of you joke and laugh about.


“Remember earlier this year that disgusting filthy elephant #TokunboAboderin made a video saying my father raped me at 13yo when he came home drunk fathering my own son. I didn’t even have kids till 22yo and the brainwashed illiterates believed her.

“Silence is never the best answer for a fool. You reply or u accept their lies as truth. Many Muslims have been caught defiling young teens. Why is this in the Koran?

“Who are the infidels the Koran is asking others to kill?

“Tear up these nonentity religious books of doom which are tools of death.

“Many killed in terrorist attacks simply because they could not RECITE the Quran.

“A way of screening Muslim hostages, free them and kill the brainwashed Christians.

“It happened at #Westgate mall in #Kenya. My grandmother died at 102 in 2013 and was the most famous Muslim woman in #Ibadan #Nigeria.

“Alhaja Bintu Tejumola Olunloyo will tell you #Islam is a religion of peace and I will say AMEN to that but to that Koran, I would like to bury it on my shit when I’m about to FLUSH the toilet.

“Spiritual Muslims is what the world needs now not Koran addicts. My former moronic neighbor once slammed his Koran on the ground to swear.”


Written by How Africa

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