Dear Ladies, This is How to Know a Man is Interested in You

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell if a man is interested in you, especially if he is the type to keep his cards close to his chest.

Most women can relate to this, and many would have found themselves in this situation at one point or the other.

If you like him and you are not able to tell whether he feels the same way, here are six signs that can help out.

Excessive eye contact

A man that is interested in you will always be caught looking at you and constantly trying to catch your gaze and get your attention because he would want to know what you are up to at every point in time.

Occasional compliments

When a man often compliments your outfit and performance, it is probably because he is interested in you. Complimenting you at every possible opportunity may be the only way he can express his feelings without coming out directly.


Makes effort to spend time with you

The most precious thing a man can give a woman is, arguably, his time. If he takes out time to say hello or gives you a slight nod no matter how busy he is — or even if endeavours to find out how your day went, he might want you.

Cares to know more about you

When he makes an effort to get to know more about you, it is a very good pointer that he likes you.

This is particularly true because it is only a man who is attracted to you that would keep trying to know about your interests, childhood, goals and other personal things.

Listens to you and remembers details

When he is into you, he will always be eager to listen to what you have to say and would want to know more about how you think. He would also remember the little things which you think he might not even remember.

Treats you differently

He will treat you differently from other people if there is a romantic attraction. There would always be a slight difference in the way he interacts with you. Perhaps, when he says hello to everyone, he looks at you a little longer or flashes a warm(er) smile.

It is best to watch out for these little things.


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