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David Livingstone Was the Prophet Who Predicted Coronavirus Crisis for the First Time in 1986 – Ghanaian Pastor Nicholas Duncan-Williams

The popular Ghanaian pastor, presiding archbishop and general overseer of Action Chapel International Church based in Accra, Nicholas Duncan-Williams revealed the name of the first man of God who first gave a specific prophecy about the coronavirus in 1986.

Ghana: Pastor Reveals One Who Predicted Coronavirus Crisis For The First Time In 1986

According to him, no one had faith in the prophecy of David Livingstone four decades ago.

However, what God has shown him has started to manifest recently.

“You know, many people predicted the current crisis in the world and so many people did not believe it,” said the Ghanaian preacher in his Sunday sermon online, followed by several thousand followers on his Facebook page. .

“Many people and leaders, who could have done something, did not believe it would happen,” said founder of Action Chapel International, adding, “And it happens.”


“I was looking at a prophecy where a man of God in 1986, he prophesied, word for word, about what’s going on in the world right now, and nobody, David Livingstone, nobody believed him. They said, “It can’t happen; what is he talking about? “He died and he left but it happened,” he said.

Ghana: Pastor Reveals One Who Predicted Coronavirus Crisis For The First Time In 1986
David Livingston

David Livingstone was a Scottish physicist, congregationalist and pioneer Christian missionary of the London Missionary Society, an explorer in Africa and one of the most popular British heroes of the late 19th century Victorian era.


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