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Why Dating Extremely Beautiful Women In Africa Is Difficult!! Nairobi, a case study….


Men are visual creatures, and have an uncontrollable lust for women who are extremely striking.

Brother, stand up and be counted if you can fail to notice Grace Msalame when she enters the mall and you are at the exit…

‘We are absolutely defenseless when we encounter such incredibly beautiful women’!

However, here are reasons why 10/10 are difficult to blow up:

You have to worry about other guys sleeping with her

When dating a stunner Nairobi woman, it doesn’t really matter if the trust levels between the two of you stand at 117 percent. There’s always that ka-thing that scares the hell out of you – the imagination that she’s sprawling all that beauty on another man’s bed. But, think of this: quickly recollect how quick you were at asking for her number, can you even blame Onyango or Njuguna for doing the same? There’s something biting, actually so bile, knowing basically everywhere your Mwende or Chemutai goes, men formulate all sorts of excuses to talk to her. It kills inside, but very inescapable.

Problem dealing with her inflated ego

She knows she has the gravity of men’s eyes directed to her, and her big posteriors and knock-out curves are her ‘strongholds’.  I give it to the world for doing a great job in constantly reminding hot women how hot they are. She’s heard how gorgeous, stunning, beautiful… she is; since she was 15. When a woman is constantly showered with praises, the danger is she’s vulnerable to pumping up her ego; she sees she’s doing you a big favour being your girlfriend. If Bob Collymore can say hi to her, who are you?


You are often manipulated

This is a classical case of uneven power dynamics coming into play – she stands at a convincing 10/10 on beauty scale, and you at a weak 6/10. It’s one thing to try to please her, but honestly can ‘no’ be an option if you are dating Betty Kyalo or Nancy Kacungira? Nairobi women are good at blackmailing men to buy them serious cars, create getaways for them at Villa Rosa Kempinski, and have them flown to Belarus for holiday. Why? Simply because they are beautiful, and can effectively make you wet your pants when they say: “Unajua nani alinikatia leo? President Kenyatta’s son – Kwa hivyo usiponinunulia Range Rover, atanipa moja ya babake.”

People assume she is dating you for money

You are standing next to her at the gate of the newest mall in town, her bottom lip is pushed forward, full and shiny like a scarlet sausage, raia are peeping through matatu windows just to see who is behind the strange goddess of beauty; the next topic of discussion will be you – “Sasa huyo dem aliona nini kwa huyo jamaa kama si pesa?” It doesn’t matter whether you are loaded or not; Nairobi people love to gossip.

You at times stay with her for wrong reasons

She drinks alcohol like a thirsty camel that has happened upon an oasis in Kalahari. Every weekend she is in drunken stupor, sleeps with who knows; that you cry within, and comes to sleep dead on your carpet – unconscious and oblivious of how she looks. It clearly defies reason why you are clinging on to her, but when asked:  “Siwezi pata dem mrembo kama Natalie.” Stupid! I rest my case.


Written by How Africa

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