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Dana Majhi, Indian Man Who Couldn’t Afford An Ambulance Melts The Heart Of Bahrain’s Prime Minister To Action

Dana Majhi is the Indian Odisha man who was all over the internet for walking 12 km with the corpse of his wife on his shoulders.

Bahrain’s Prime Minister heard his story and reached out to the poor Indian man.

Last week, the Odisha man lost his wife to tuberculosis. Unfortunately he could not afford an ambulance to transport his wife from the hospital to his village.

As help did not seem to be coming from anywhere regardless of his appeals, the Indian man took the only option left. He wrapped up his wife in a couple of bed-sheets and set out on foot to cover a 60 km journey. He had walked 12 km when the authorities showed up in the ambulance that he could not afford.

Report said that local reporters saw Dana with his crying daughter and dead wife on his shoulders and decided to help. They contacted the district collector and made arrangements for an ambulance to help Dana complete the rest of the journey.


Report confirms that the Odisha man’s ordeal was not the first of its kind. Some people have resorted to the same option, thanks to poverty.

Somehow, Dana Majhi’s story pierced the heart of many. Of all similar occasions, Dana got lucky and was given an extra monetary assistance of Rs 2000 and another Rs 10,000 from the District Red Cross Fund to foot the funeral bill.

As if that was not enough, Bahrain’s Prime Minister, Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa also stepped into Dana’s case. He got in touch with the Indian embassy and offered to help the financially distressed Odisha man.

Indian reports say that the Prime Minister and King of Bahrain Khalifa made a yet undisclosed donation to Dana Majhi and his family.

It is worthy to mention that Odisha is surprisingly a resource rich region in India. Sadly the media has noted more cases of penury than progress in the region.


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