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Damascus Goat Video: Viral Clip Shows ‘Goat Monster’ With No Face, And It’s A Real Breed

This viral goat is genuine, and his looks are totally purposeful.

The video does exclude much info about the creature being referred to, however he’s an unmistakable case of a peculiar breed: The Damascus goat. Otherwise called the Aleppo, Halep, Baladi, Damascene, Shami, or Chami, these goats are kept for drain, meat, hides, and their odd looks.

The Damascus goat, or Shami, in this video was likely kept for reproducing.

The Damascus goat is like the bulldog of goats. It has an exceptionally short face and is much taller than most goat breeds.


The individual in the video may be breeding stock. Breeders of exotic animals sometimes keep animals with the most exaggerated features to pass on their genes to more stock. In some cases the breeder goat is ideal for cross-breeding with other goats so that their offspring can have a mix of qualities. The animal in the video certainly appears capable of producing lots of little baby Damascus goats.

Speaking of baby Damascus Goats, seeing their kids only makes the Damascus goat experience weirder.


Damascus goats are born with extremely long, flowing ears. Their faces are actually more normal-shaped as young animals, which is lucky because they need normal faces in order to nurse from their mothers.

It’s only later in life that they start to look like they ran into a door. Some caretakers will also amputate their unwieldy rabbit ears, leaving the square, awkward stumps.

Do you think the Damascus goat is ugly? Some consider this breed exceptionally beautiful. In 2008, there was a goat festival in Saudi Arabia where Damascus goats were judged on their beauty and auctioned. The more extreme their features, the more “beautiful” the goat. World News Australia reported that the best Damascus goats could sel for 250,000 Saudi Riyals (USD$ 67,000.)

Don’t blame Baphomet for the way he was born. To some, he represents the ideal.


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