How Dallas Cops ‘Took Out’ Suspect With Robotic Explosive

Dallas police “took out” the main suspect in the deadly attack on its officers Thursday night using a robotic explosive device, the city’s mayor told CNN early Friday. “We were able to take out one of the suspects, who had been cornered in the garage, with an explosive device,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said.


“We’ve got other possible suspects that we’re interviewing. They’re not being real cooperative at this point. We’ve called in a lot of people to make sure that we’ve got all the background material we need.” Rawlings also indicated that the deceased suspect was a male and that another person in custody is a female.

In a press conference, Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed, “The male suspect was killed by the bomb,” adding that, during the standoff, he stated “he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”


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