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‘D410’- Former Black Employee Reveals Color Codes Used For Black Shoppers, Sues Versace!

A former Versace store employee is suing his former employer for racial discrimination and has revealed that the store he worked in used codes to describe black shoppers who entered the establishment.

He says he was fired by his boss after the boss found out he was African American.

TMZ reported the story saying that the claimant filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Sand Francisco store.


The man claimed that when a black customer entered code “D410” would be relayed. This is the color code for their black shirts.

When he became aware of the code he approached the manager and said “You know that I’m African-American?”

The lawsuit then says that the shocked manager then refused to give rest breaks and fired the claimant after two weeks. He says the manager fired him for the reason that he had not lived the luxury life!

Versace has denied all the allegations and is seeking a dismissal.


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