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Czech PM Approves Anti-immigration Protests from Chemnitz, Says: “We do not want to live in Africa!”

According to Andrej Babis, the events of Chemnitz in the former East Germany could be a trigger in Europe. In the face of the migration crisis, the Czech Republic still does not want to hear about the European distribution.


Commenting on the anti-immigration protests in eastern Germany, the head of the Czech government, Andrej Babis, has taken a strong stance on the European Union’s migration policy. “Chemnitz, is there, at the corner of the street!” , He exclaimed on September 2 on a Czech television set, quoted by the media  Parlamentni Listy . “I have explained at length that this is a fight to preserve our European civilization and our culture. We do not want to live in Africa or the Middle East, “ he continued, denouncing the efforts of the European Commission to get Prague to accept migrants.


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