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Crying Demi- Mae Emerges From Slide, See What Mum Saw!

Crying Child Wallpaper
Crying Child

This is more like a call out to parents to watch closely when their children are taken out to paly grounds or out with their peers.

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Parents assume the only danger that comes from public playgrounds is a child tripping or running into another kid. No one would assume this recreational area would be anything but a place for families to have fun.

It would never occur to a mom or dad to check the equipment in fear that someone may play a mean trick on a child. Or worse, try to hurt a kid. Unfortunately, adults will have to do a walk through the equipment to make sure a trip to the playground does not turn into a trip to the hospital.

Amy Smith took her two-year-old daughter to the playground in Kitson Park in Torquay,United Kingdom

Demi-Mai is a happy toddler who got a little help from mom climbing the rope leading to the slide.

“I was so proud of Demi as she had just learnt to climb up the rope,” says Amy.

The little girl went down on the actual slide by herself.

When Demi-Mae got to the bottom of the slide, her mom was shocked to find the toddler hurt.

Demi-Mae had slid on broken glass that was left on the slide.

Her legs was covered in blood. Because of where the glass was, Amy believes this was deliberately done to hurt a child

Luckily Demi-Mae did not require stitches. Nonetheless, Amy admits her daughter “found the cut to be very sore and is still struggling to walk.”

Amy cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt a child.

“I’m really angry that someone would do that in a children’s play park,” says Amy about what her daughter went through.

Torbay Council’s Natural Environment Services was made aware of the incident.

Someone was quickly sent to clean the glass left on the equipment.

Amy hopes her experience will make parents take a peek at the equipment before their kids start playing there.

“I hope by bring what happened to people’s attention then it might help other parents avoid their children getting hurt,” explains Amy.

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