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CRWN!!! The Magazine That Celebrates African Afro Hair And Beauty

CRWN MAG was challenged to give a better representation of black women in the media. It’s worth the detour !

The founding of the magazine were interviewed by journalists of the magazine Dazed. They say they want to improve the image of black women, often boycotted by the mainstream media, not recognized at fair value:

“We noticed that there was a void in terms of newspapers that actually pay tribute to black women, without necessarily doing it with a great creative and aesthetic quality. (…) We celebrate the diversity, originality and natural beauty of black women. We want to exploit this field, which has already existed online but that has never been captured on paper. (…) We want to overturn the standards of beauty, far from straight hair silky smooth . dyed and softened skins CRWN featuring real women with hair and a naturally beautiful skin. – which also have beautiful minds and much to share beyond their superficiality (…) CRWN can not solve all the problems that our community faces, but Nkrumah and I are committed to doing our part. “

Lovers of afros cuts will feast … CRWN Magazine has just come out, and the magazine already has beautiful pictures in stock! The most sober to the most crazy, there’s something for everyone.


Styles highlighted may well inspire you, and the magazine has published a wonderful series of photos. We’ll let you see the gallery:

Warm and sunny

Clean and dynamic



Cash and natural


Gross and surprising


Class and relax


Street and sensual


Fun and trendy








What else?


So you enjoyed? The magazine is not yet available, but you can already pre-order your copyhere . And if you want more pictures, you can check their Instagram account:


We hope it will give you ideas!

Source: Trace TV


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