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Crocodiles Goes Missing As Croc Farm Gets Burguled In South Africa

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The owners of Crocodile Creek near Ballito are trying to recover from their losses after burglars stole 75kg of crocodile fat from their fridges on Sunday.

The Crocodile Creek farm is also home to reptiles and animals to view on tours. Owner Peter Watson sent out an SOS via social media asking anyone to inform him if they were offered or observed anyone selling crocodile fat or meat.

“Our freezer container has had the locks smashed again. A considerable amount of stock was stolen. A number of large and small crocodiles have been stolen and injured over the past year.

“It is the muti trade no doubt. Nothing is safe in our beautiful country, not even crocodiles. One of these days the crocodiles will get lucky when these thefts take place at night,” he said.


Watson said that during the Covid-19 lockdown they had closed for nearly five months. He cut staff to three people. “We endured massive financial losses. It could be an inside job. They know how or where to climb over my fence and high wall. A random person would not walk through a crocodile enclosure. We have been victims three times in the past month alone.

“They also took frozen chickens that we feed to the crocodiles. There could be more than one person.

“We are not dealing with sheep or cattle. Five years ago, in 14 months we lost 305 crocodiles. They attract the crocodiles with baited hooks and pull them over the wall. It’s difficult to count them in the ponds because they stay submerged. Draining the ponds would be difficult,” Watson said.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said the incident was not reported to the oThongathi SAPS. Watson said the police were aware of it.


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