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Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Case Dropped as Model, Kathryn Mayorga Withdraws Allegation

The court recently handed down a verdict in the case between Cristiano Ronaldo and Kathryn Mayorga. It is recalled that the young woman had filed a complaint against the Portuguese attacker accusing him of having raped her in a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009.

According to the American media Bloomberg , the complainant decided to keep a low profile by withdrawing her complaint. Therefore, the lawsuits against the Portuguese captain were dropped.

For his part Cristiano Ronaldo had always denied the rape charges against him on that famous night in Las Vegas in 2009. The footballer had explained that he had a consensual sexual relationship with the young woman.

It is the alleged victim, Kathryn Mayorga, who has decided to drop the lawsuit through a letter of discontinuance that she sent to the Nevada court. However, there is nothing to indicate whether a financial agreement has been reached between the two parties concerning the abandonment of the legal proceedings.


As a reminder, it is in September 2018 that Kathryn Mayorga had initiated a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo. The young woman had then indicated that she had been sexually abused by the Portuguese footballer in 2009 in Las Vegas. Following this complaint, the police decided to reopen the file in order to shed light on this case. Today, Kathryn Mayorga has decided to change her mind and leave this affair behind.

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