Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez…; Top 9 Personalities You Probably Didn’t Know Insured Specific Body Parts

A person with a regular nine to five job or a demanding hustle might consider insurance a luxury and not a complete necessity. For many, their idea of insurance premium deductions are limited to basic healthcare and vehicle insurance.

But for the stars that walk the red carpet with their dewy skin and glossy hair, their physical features and skills are a key part of earning their living.

Their immense wealth allows them luxuries few can imagine including insuring certain body parts just because they can.

Sometimes an actor’s big goofy smile or an athlete’s throwing arm can be the determining factor in a million-dollar contract.

Heidi Klum

The 5 ft 9 former Victoria’s Secret model has had her legs insured for a whopping $2.2 million. Without a doubt, Heidi’s long, lean limbs are gorgeous, and an invaluable asset.

Heidi Klum [Photo: Courtesy]

So much so that her 2004 client, Procter & Gamble had no qualms dropping the large sum on the insurance while she was a spokesperson for its Braun shavers.

David Beckham

Beckham is adored for a lustrous 21-year soccer career, but that is not all he has brought to the table. Undeniably good looking, the famous athlete has appeared on numerous profitable advertisements.

David Beckham [Photo: Courtesy]

In a deal so big it was rumoured to have been covered by several companies, the star covered not only his toes, feet and legs but also his entire body against disfigurement. The insurance policy was worth an eye-watering $195 million.

America Fererra

The Ugly Betty star may have played a plain, geeky assistant on the show, but a hefty insurance cover on her pearly white smile proved that she was more than that.

America Fererra [Photo: Courtesy]

The policy was bought by home teeth-whitening product Aquafresh White Trays as part of a promotion to raise money for U.S. charity Smiles for Success, a nationwide organization that provides free dental care for women transitioning from welfare to work. The actress’ smile was insured for $10 million by British insurance firm Lloyd’s.

Jennifer Lopez

Like wine, time has only improved this Jenny from the block singer. The 50-year-old commands the stage in vibrant fashion, bursting with energy and youth.


She has been hailed for having a great, athletic figure and notably- a great butt.

Jennifer Lopez [Photo: Courtesy]

Her famous backside is reportedly insured for a cool $27 million.

Dolly Parton

The country music star is not only known for her success in music. She has a distinct style and look that her fans have become accustomed to.

Dolly Parton [Photo: Courtesy]

A big mane of platinum blonde hair, a full bosom, and her signature high pitched twang characterize the legendary star.

With her breasts measuring a reported 40DD, the Jolene singer’s famous assets are ensured for a perky $600,000.

Taylor Swift

T-Swift stands tall at 5 ft. 10, and her gorgeous legs are characteristically long and lean. Back in 2015, the pop icon insured her limbs for a cool $40 million.

Taylor Swift [Photo: Courtesy]

The shake it off singer took on the policy as a cover before embarking on a world tour for her album 1989.

Julia Roberts

A prominent feature in her appearance, Roberts has what many have termed one of the most beautiful smiles in the world.

Julia Roberts [Photo: Courtesy]

The Academy Award winner’s smile is insured for a broad $30 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The celebrated Juventus F.C forward had his legs insured by his then team Real Madrid for $144 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo [Photo: Courtesy]

The team took out the policy to protect their investment in the valuable soccer star.

Gene Simmons

Also known by his stage name The demon, the co-lead singer of Rock band Kiss has a trademark tongue.

Gene Simmons [Photo: Courtesy]

The musician insured his renowned licker back in the 70s for a staggering $1 million.


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