Crisis in Syria: Vladimir Putin “Hopes That Common Sense Will Eventually Prevail”

Speaking about the confrontation with the West on the Syrian issue, the Russian president lamented international relations “more and more chaotic”. He hoped, however, that the global system would eventually become more stable.

Against the backdrop of extreme tensions between Russia and the West accusing Damascus of carrying out a chemical attack in Ghouta , Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his own interpretation of the events.

A positive and forward-looking agenda for the world

“The situation in the world is becoming more and more chaotic. We hope, however, that common sense will prevail, that international relations will resume a constructive aspect and that the whole world system will become more stable and more predictable, “he said in a speech to foreign diplomats. April 11, 2018. “We will pursue a positive and forward-looking agenda for the world. We will also work to ensure stable development, prosperity and the fulfillment of humanity, “he added.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump had challenged Russia to intercept US missiles in the event of a strike against Syria.

“Russia promises to destroy any missile fired on Syria. Get ready for Russia, because they are coming, all beautiful, new and “smart”, “he said on Twitter. This is probably a reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s presentation last March of a whole series of new and sophisticated weapons

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Will the West strike Syrian forces rather than jihadist rebels?

At the UN Security Council, Russia and the United States have not reached an agreement on the conditions under which an investigation could be conducted in Duma. The Russian proposal to establish an independent mechanism for the investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria was rejected , as it did not receive a majority of nine votes necessary for its adoption. This text was approved by six countries, including China, while seven opposed and two abstained.

In recent days, the signals of a probable intervention of the United States, supported by France, against Damascus have multiplied. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a clear warning message on April 10 , citing “possible air strikes in Syria […] within 72 hours”. The alert further instructs pilots to be prepared to receive specific NOTAMs (messages to aircrafts) regarding in – flight hazards in the area.

The USS missile destroyer Donald Cook left on April 10 the port of Larnaca Cyprus, where he was calling, and is in an area from which he can easily hit Syria. According to Reuters, the Pentagon announced on April 11 to have worked on the various military options and said it was ready to present them to Donald Trump.


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