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Creative Art Works: Abuja Art And Craft Scene [+Photos]

Abuja is not the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about art, but there are some artistic peculiarities in the city. Nigeria’s art scene is slowly growing and becoming recognized on an international level. We have seen some Nigerian artists with solid examples of art work, such as Lemi Gbariokwu, Jonathan “Mavua” Lessor, Nike Davies, Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy, Chike Aniakor, James Abinibi and many others. There is a rise in reputation of Nigerian artists on the international art scene; thus, increasing Nigerians’ interests in art and culture. We see this as a sign that Nigeria’s art world is growing towards a bright and breezy future.

However, little do people known that amazing art and craft scene exists around some corners in Abuja. Local artists and craftsmanship are creating fascinating and creative art work. You should find time to explore Abuja art and craft scene when you visit the city.

Abuja is a great place for arts and crafts; the capital city is full of creative attractions, where you can view or shop for beautiful arts and crafts. There are various places for art lovers to let their artistic juice flow. Why not see the collection of arts – contemporary and modern art at National Gallery of Art or visit the renowned Ladi Kwali Pottery Studio to discover the art of pottery. If you love colourful batiks designed in a traditional or contemporary style, you should visit Nike Art Gallery. If you want to see the crafty work of great artists, you should visit any of these galleries – Thought Art Pyramid Art Gallery, Ushafa Pottery Village and Bwari Pottery Village. Visit Abuja and be inspired!


Ushafa Pottery Village | Photo Source:

Bwari Pottery

Bwari Pottery | Photo Source:

If you are looking for a place to get art souvenirs in the capital city, the best place to look is Abuja Arts and Craft Village. Here you will find a wide collection of arts and crafts, made by local artists and craftsmanship. If you are an emerging artist, Abuja is an ideal place for you to work and display your artwork.





These artworks fascinated us; we were compelled to take a closer look at them, to see how they are painted to bring a more meaning to the art piece. For a genuine art indulgence, check out these art portraits at the Arts and Crafts Village in Abuja. These art placards are tied to Nigerian influence, as they are created with subtle washes of colour splashes to create unique sense of movement.




Nigeria has a rich heritage, which is preserved in arts and handicrafts. Nowadays, there is a remarkable awareness in the opulent heritage and culture of Nigerian traditions. Most of the artwork and crafts such as folk and tribal arts, traditional hand crafts and textiles created by Nigerian artists and craftsmanship reflect how people relate to their everyday living and reflect their culture and diversity.


Most of these artists create the handicrafts as an occupational means, they also do it for fun and recreation, but make money in the process.

Abuja arts and crafts are popular for their inimitable designs and impeccable craftsmanship. If you are looking for colourful items or souvenirs made by skilful hands of Abuja artists, you should probably visit the Abuja Arts and Crafts Village.

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