COVID-19: Rwanda’s Health Ministry Closes Treatment Centers As Cases Drop

Pooling samples boosts Ghana's COVID-19 testing | WHO | Regional Office for  Africa

The Rwandan health ministry has closed a number of Covid-19 treatment centers due to a drop in cases.

According to the ministry, as of Monday the East African country had just 161 active cases of the coronavirus, the lowest figure in more than four months.

The New Times Rwanda quoted officials as saying it would be a waste to keep the treatment centres open and staff stationed there without patients.

At the beginning of the outbreak in March, there were two treatment centres in the capital Kigali for the management of confirmed cases, according to the Rwanda Biomedical Centre.


As confirmed Covid-19 cases increased, the existing isolation facilities were overwhelmed, leading to the repurposing of some health centres and schools into Covid-19 treatment centres to meet the high demand.

By July 21, the country had 18 treatment centres: nine health centres and seven schools with a total capacity of 1,986 beds.

Rwanda’s health ministry also introduced home-based care for Covid-19 patients, leading to the reduction of numbers at facilities.

Last week Monday the government announced it was lifting Covid-19 restrictions on public transportation, effectively allowing buses to fill all their seats and carry 50 percent of their standing passengers capacity.


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