Covid-19: President Trump Pinpoints China’s “Terrible Mistake”

China has not granted WHO officials and US officials access to its soil to conduct “field” studies. US President Donald Trump has taken up this refusal, which he called “a terrible mistake”. He does not intend to drop the case against the Chinese state.

It is “a terrible mistake” that China has just committed according to Donald Trump who accuses a contradiction on the part of the Chinese authorities. They have indeed denied for a while that Trump accuses them of having created or even orchestrated the spread of the new coronavirus in the world. If they are telling the truth, why are they refusing control then?


For Trump, China, which did not want to admit its fault in the management of the epidemic, has just given up in the eyes of the world. “They recognized him much later, not immediately. I think they made a terrible mistake and they tried to cover it up, put it out like a fire. But they did not succeed, “said the President on Fox News.

He especially attacks this measure by the Chinese state aimed at closing the borders in an arbitrary manner. China prohibits entry into its territory while Chinese citizens could still travel around the world, taking care to bring a little of their coronavirus if they have it.

Donald Trump promises severe retaliation to China if in the end other evidence comes to attest to their responsibility in the spread of the new coronavirus.


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