COVID-19: Elderly Lovers Living in Different Countries Meet Every Day Despite Border Closure

Two lovers that stay in different countries have devised a means of seeing each other despite border closure by Denmark and Germany over COVID-19.

Karsten Tüchsen Hansen is an 89-year-old retired farmer while his lover Inga Rasmussen is an 85-year-old former caterer, New York Times reports.

It has been gathered that they both meet at the Mollehusvej border crossing to chat, joke, and drink while maintaining a modicum of social distance by sitting down a yard or two apart on either side of the border.

COVID-19: Elderly couple living in different countries meet every day despite border closure

Karsten Tüchsen Hansen and Inga Rasmussen. Photo credit: New York Times
Source: UGC

Karsten, who meets his lover every day, said: “We’re here because of love. Love is the best thing in the world.”


In other news, Zandile Dladla took to Facebook in a desperate plea for help on the I Love Randburg page. The mother of three had been abandoned by the father of her kids. She said he had left because her youngest, a baby girl, was born an albino.

She asked for help with food and nappies; she didn’t know how to get her baby to stop crying out of hunger. Her situation was so desperate that her baby was wearing plastic bags and washcloths as nappies.

The community heard her plea and answered. Zandile took to Facebook once more to thank the group for allowing her to post and the generous response from the people of Randburg.

“I would like to thank Landy Yeatman for posting in the group when I was in need of help and I would like to thank everyone who helped me in this difficult time. Some of the people were accusing me, saying I am a scammer. Some I had to send baby birth certificate for proof and some didn’t give up, they helped me, thank you everyone.

“God bless you, God really please bless all of you, thank you so much for the driver, you came to drop things for me, thank you for the donations. God bless you all I love you all,” she said.

Facebook users were delighted with how the community helped a mother who was desperately in need, particularly during these challenging times.


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