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COVID-19: Bill Gates Wants to Reach 7 Billion People with a Possible Vaccine

Bill Gates recognizes that it will be difficult to provide vaccines to seven billion people, but it is a goal he wants to achieve.

The world’s population is estimated at more than seven billion, which means that Bill Gates hopes that the potential vaccines made with funding from his foundation can reach the entire world population.

“Seven billion people is a difficult goal, but we have to reach it,” he said on the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

The Bill Gates Foundation is currently funding the construction of laboratories for the manufacture of seven potential coronavirus vaccines.


The billionaire said the project will cost billions of dollars, but is worth it to save the global economy.

 “We are going to waste billions of dollars. But a few billion spent on this kind of situation is worth it. “

Gates told show host Trevor Noah that his experience with infectious diseases could make things easier.

“Because our foundation has such in-depth expertise in infectious diseases, we have thought of the epidemic, we have funded certain efforts such as the manufacture of a vaccine. “

Bill Gates Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have already pledged $ 100 million to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded some polio and tuberculosis vaccines in the past.


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