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Couple Who Started T-Shirt Business From The Garage, Now Design For The U.S. Army

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Rose and Tony Jean, a black couple, are the founders of T-shirt Mayhem, a business they started from their Kendall home garage. According to the Miami Herald, the company designs T-shirts and uniforms.

Tony worked for a T-shirt company and was also into design before coming up with the idea for him and his wife to start a business together. Rose developed a business plan after conducting extensive research. A family member from Haiti also joined the team to assist with funding. Rose became the company’s salesperson, while Tony focused on production as part of the company’s structure.

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From humble beginnings, they have grown the company into one of South Miami’s thriving business spaces. The church was one of the company’s first customers. They now have the United States Army as a customer.

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Tony revealed that the US Army contacted them in 2017, and that the contract they obtained allowed them to build the company and spend more time with their families.

According to the couple, the company’s success was due to referrals. The couple explained that recommending their work to others was simple because of the high quality of their work.

Covid-19, like many Black-owned businesses, eventually disrupted the nature of their business. According to Tony, the company was expanding prior to the pandemic. “However, after Covid-19 was released, business exceeded our expectations.” “I haven’t been able to keep up with certain jobs, so Rose would have to assist at times,” Tony explained to the Miami Herald.

“Although business started to increase when COVID-19 emerged, when that caused people to go into isolation due to the public health risks, things ceased with our company,” Rose added.

This prompted Rose to establish StartUP, a business incubator at FIU. “That bootcamp-style training provided me with information, resources, and financial assistance from the Small Business Administration.” “Then, as the pandemic faded, we had so many customers calling,” she said.

It has not been easy for the couple to balance running a business and raising a family. They had their first child when they launched Mayhem, according to them. When Mayhem first began, Tony was working for another company.

“I had to juggle going to work, handling our business and then our child after he was born. I had a choice to make between staying at my job or leaving, and working with our business full time,” he said.



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