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Côte d’Ivoire’s Henriette Diabate “We Fought to Finally Attain State Power”

The Rally of Republicans (RDR) held its fourth extraordinary congress, Saturday, May 05, at the Sports Palace of Treichville (Abidjan).

 Several concerns that the RDR will disappear are troubling supporters of the presidential party.

Indeed, the desire of President Alassane Ouattara to create a unified political party in Côte d’Ivoire for 2020 divides opinions.

But the president of the Rassemblement des Républicains (RDR), Henriette Dagri Diabate, reassured the militants about the non-dissolution of the RDR with the creation of the unified RHDP.

“Some are worried and ask questions, can this change be done without risk for the RDR? The RDR that why, we grew up together, our elbows tight against much adversity. We fought to finally reach state power, will the RDR survive this operation? A week ago, our congress scientific committees organized a symposium, with intellectuals and academics from all disciplines, to reflect in particular on the political, ideological, historical, philosophical, economic and diplomatic content of the unified party project. Our conclusions appease us, those who fear the dissolution of the RDR can be reassured, the creation of the unified RHDP should not worry us, the RDR will not disappear. The rdr will not dissolve in the RHDP,


“So today we decide of our own free will, by looking straight into our eyes, to contribute to the transformation of the RHDP into a unified party (…) What we have decided to do is an act political, historical, which on the contrary strengthens us, we consciously decide to join forces with other houphouetists without dissolving into a larger entity and preserving our singular identities, yes ladies and gentlemen, Houphouetists of all parties we are right to come together, we know that together if we remain aware of our strength in the union, our responsibility to the country, Côte d’Ivoire will remain stable for a long time. Saying that I think of our youth, I think of those who will come after us. To whom we must leave a country in order,

 At this congress more than 2000 supporters gathered to adopt the texts of the unified party.

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