Côte D’Ivoire: President Ouattara Regime Accused Of Supplying Weapons To Boko Haram And Other Rebels

After the “Soul To Soul” scandals, the involvement of Ouattara’s relatives in the failed coup in Burkina Faso in 2015 and the supposed collusion Ouattara, Sarkozy and Ocampo to keep the former head of state Laurent Gbagbo away from the Ivorian political life, another report comes to break the power of Abidjan.

Indeed, in a very detailed report published in November 2016, Conflict Armament Research, an international NGO, revealed that assault rifles belonging to the Ivorian army had been found in the Central African Republic in the hands of the Seéléka rebels.



Worse still, according to the report, in August 2013 a cargo of weapons from Korhogo was seized in Niger.

According to this NGO, Niamey suspects that they were destined for Boko Haram, Nigeria.

Faced with these serious accusations, the government remains silent for now. In the circle of power one avoids also to comment on this other accusation.

However, it is stated that: “The existence of weapons caches is not a new fact. It is the context that has changed. For years, the regime has lived with fear of an armed return of pro-Gbagbo. But now that the political allies of yesterday quarrel, we do not know what these weapons could be used for. ”

According to Jeune Afrique, a dozen Ivorian investigators, supported by a UN expert whose mission was extended until March 2018, are responsible for identifying the provenance and mode of acquisition of weapons found since the month of May.

They must also locate other caches. There would still be at least three in the west, east and north of the country.

Several dozen officers were heard. Soro himself was interrogated by the UN at the end of July, which he tasted little.


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