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Coronavirus: Virus Could Infect “Up to 70% of the World’s Population” – Harvard Epidemiologist Reveals

| How Africa NewsA Harvard epidemiologist made a heartbreaking announcement about the coronavirus. 

According to him, up to 70% of humanity could be affected by Covid-19 disease. At this stage, the epidemic seems difficult to control and could even become permanent.

Baffling. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, worries about the disease: ”  the sudden increase in the number of cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea is very worrying  “.

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has indeed jumped in recent days outside Chinese borders. In Europe, Italy is now the most important center of the epidemic with 270 confirmed cases and 7 deaths, mainly in the north of the country, in Lombardy while the origin of new cases in this country and in Korea. South could not yet be determined.

For Marc Lipsitch, a Harvard epidemiologist, the current state only marks the beginning of the new world nightmare. The epidemic “will not be contained and (…) within the year, 40 to 70% of humanity will be infected ”.

According to his explanations, it is no longer a question of confining the epidemic, but of limiting the cases and controlling the peak of the epidemic through public health measures. We still remember the example of China which had rather opted by this measure advised against by the scientist by quarantining cities of millions of inhabitants in January, the virus actually left the walls of Wuhan to infect the whole country and eventually spread to the rest of the world.

According to him, there would therefore be a season of Covid-19 as there is a season of the flu or another epidemic which would make that the whole humanity will be affected by the end of the year.

Faced with this new shocking and frightening revelation, many wonder whether we should still consider the coronavirus as a pandemic or just as the epidemic as it is currently classified.

WHO for its part remains very cautious about the use of this word. It has not yet been spoken by its director, even though he said in a press release, ”  Does the virus have pandemic potential?” Absolutely. Are we there yet? According to our assessments, not yet. 

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